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By on June 7, 2016

Birmingham, Alabama is one of the most exciting cities in the south. The city is a hub of culture and entertainment and home to many professional sports teams. If you are planning a trip to Birmingham, Alabama or just passing through, then it may be best to rent a charter bus from Birmingham Charters. We provide limousine service and party buses for all of your transportation needs. Whether it be for corporate travel or just a night out on the town, we have something for everyone!

Find a Birmingham Charter Bus Near You

Birmingham, AL is one of the most scenic, busiest and the most incredible cities in the state. These are just some of the reasons too why a lot of travelers visit Birmingham year after year. There are simply so many things to do and so little time to do it in Birmingham and therefore when tourists visit in groups, they use special transportation to take them from one destination to another and that is through charter bus Birmingham, AL.

Charter Bus Rental Birmingham

Charter bus rentals in Birmingham are considered to be the most convenient way to travel. Tourists traveling in a large group will never have to worry about public transport since they will be moving comfortably anywhere in the city too. Charter bus service allows travelers to take the load out of commuting and instead relax and have utmost peace of mind as they travel. Our Birmingham charter buses for weddings are in operation almost every week!

Birmingham Charter Buses

There are different kinds of charter buses to choose from. You can rent their small but compact mini bus which can hold up to 20 people. If you need a larger bus you can choose their shuttle bus models which can carry up to 30 passengers. But if you need a larger bus, there is no doubt that you will find utmost satisfaction from their huge charter buses that can accommodate up to 40 to 50 people at the same time! No doubt that no matter what your needs are, you can bet that there is a charter bus for you in Birmingham.

Our Services

There are a variety of services available for customers in Birmingham. These buses are available for weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties, anniversaries, birthdays, proms and homecoming dances. It is also the best ride for different events such as corporate meetings, concerts, conventions, sporting events and so on.

Things to do

The following are top places to visit in Birmingham:

  • Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum – this is an amazing place to admire all the developments in motorsports through the years.
  • Birmingham Civil Rights Institute – one of the best places to learn all about humanity and the civil rights movement.
  • Birmingham Museum of Art – you will surely find this a fantastic place to admire local as well as international art pieces.
  • McWane Science Center – travelling with kids is not a hassle anymore as they learn different science concepts and exhibits at the top science center in the state.
  • Regions Field – one of the best minor league baseball parks to visit and to watch a game.

Charter Bus Birmingham Prices

It is very affordable to rent a charter bus in Birmingham. Rental rates are usually according to the number of people you have in your group, the type or size of charter bus that you want to rent and the destinations that you are planning to visit. The number of hours or days you will rent the bus also affects your rental rates.

Airport Transportation

If you are arriving via the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport then you can arrange your charter bus driver to pick you up from here. You may also be dropped off to the airport when your event is over.

Popular Service Areas Outside Birmingham

Motorcoaches & Minibuses

Motorcoaches and minibuses are the two main types of buses available for rent. Motorcoaches are large, comfortable vehicles that can hold up to 50 people. They’re the most popular choice for groups traveling together because they provide ample space, seating options and amenities like bathrooms, TVs and Wi-Fi. Minibuses are smaller than motorcoaches but still offer plenty of room to stretch out on long rides. The downside is you’ll likely be sharing a ride with more people—and have less privacy—than you would in a larger vehicle like a motorcoach or coach bus!

Why Choose Birmingham Charters?

When it comes to planning an event in Birmingham, you want to make sure that everything is perfect. That’s why you need to choose a reliable transportation company that can get your guest from point A to point B with ease. Birmingham Charters is one of the best options for charter bus rentals in Birmingham. We offer high-quality vehicles to help ensure that everyone arrives safely and on time! Our service makes traveling by bus simple, affordable and convenient for any group of all sizes — whether they’re heading out on a road trip or going on vacation somewhere closer than expected (like right here at home).

Luxury Charter Buses

Luxury charter buses are the perfect option for weddings. You can get a bus rental from Birmingham Charters to transport your wedding party to their destination of choice, and then return them to their original location after the festivities have ended. If you want to make sure that your guests arrive in style, this is the way to go! Luxury buses are also a great option for business trips. Whether you’re going on a sales call or visiting an important client, these vehicles will give you more room and comfort than any other form of transportation out there – making sure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible. If you’re looking for something even grander than luxury charters, we offer regular charter buses as well! These vehicles have everything needed for transporting large groups of people – plus they have all sorts of amenities onboard so riders aren’t left feeling cramped or uncomfortable during their commute (which would definitely not be fun!).

Charter Bus Pricing Explained

The cost of your bus charter will depend on a number of factors, including the size of the bus you rent, how many passengers are on board, how far you’re traveling and at what time. We have several different types of buses for bookings in Birmingham Alabama: Mini Buses (25 to 35 passengers): These are perfect for small groups traveling together or families. Mid-Sized Buses (42 to 50 passengers): Our mid-size vehicles offer more space and comfort than mini buses while still being smaller than full size motorcoaches. Full Sized Motorcoaches (53 to 90+ passengers): A great choice if you need storage space but don’t want to pay extra fees associated with renting a van or SUV.

Minibus Rentals

When you need a vehicle to transport your group of people from one place to another, a minibus rental is the option for you. Minibuses are great for small groups and short distance travel, but they’re also useful for long distance travel. If your group is traveling for a short period of time or long term, it may be best to choose this type of vehicle. Minibuses offer many perks that other types of vehicles don’t provide. They allow passengers to roam freely around the interior and exterior space without feeling crowded or claustrophobic as with regular buses. The driver can see into all areas while driving because there aren’t any blind spots like there would be if using an SUV or van instead! You’ll also find plenty of air-conditioning vents throughout each bus so everyone stays cool on those hot summer days!

Mini Bus Pricing Explained

The size of the bus is one of the most important factors in determining pricing. The number of people riding in your Birmingham Charters mini-bus is another major factor, as it directly affects how much you’ll be paying. Distance also plays a role in determining pricing, so if you want to go farther than usual, expect to pay more than estimated prices. Time of year and day can also affect prices; for example, if you want to rent a bus during peak season (weekends), then expect to pay more than regular rates.

Motorcoaches For Hire

Renting a motorcoach can be a great option for your travel needs. Motorcoaches are the ultimate luxury way to travel and have all the comforts of home right at your fingertips. They provide more space than any other type of vehicle, allowing you to spread out and feel comfortable during long drives or trips. With seating that easily fits up to 52 passengers and a restroom onboard, they offer all the amenities you could want while on the road. Before renting one of these vehicles, it’s important to consider some factors: Size: How many people do you need room for? Do they need seats or would they rather stand? Is there enough leg room between passengers? These are important factors that should be considered when choosing which size bus is best for you.* Seating Capacity: How many seats does each bus have available per row? This will determine how much space each person has in relation to their seatmates (if any).

Motorcoach Pricing Explained

Motorcoach pricing is based on a number of factors that include: The size of your party. The number of seats available on the bus (there are various sizes). Amenities such as Wi-Fi, restrooms and power outlets. Distance traveled (longer journeys cost more). Number of passengers riding together and length of rental time.

Charter Bus Rental Services

If you’re planning a trip to Birmingham, Alabama, charter bus rental is a great way to get your group together and explore the city. A charter bus is comfortable and stylish, allowing for transportation that’s both convenient and fun. Charter buses are also ideal for large groups of people who have different destinations in mind during their travels. In addition to enjoying the ride itself, travelers can use the time on board to plan what they want to do when they arrive at their destination. This helps ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience throughout their trip while still ensuring everyone meets up at specific times later on in the day or evening.

Keep Conferences & Events Running On-Time

Keeping events running on time is a challenge, especially if you’re organizing an event. You don’t want to add more stress to the situation by having to worry about when your guests will arrive and how they’ll get there. With Birmingham Charters’ bus services, you can keep your event running smoothly without having these concerns. We’ll ensure that all guests are picked up at their locations and transported safely to yours. When it comes time for them to leave, we’ll make sure everyone gets back home safely too!

Charter Bus Rental Birmingham

Birmingham is a great city to visit, whether you’re part of a group or traveling solo. You can take advantage of the many exciting attractions and activities in Birmingham by chartering a bus through Birmingham Charters. Our buses are available for private events, corporate meetings and outings, weddings, bachelor parties, and more! You will love the amount of fun things to do in Birmingham with your friends or colleagues. Get out on the water at Lakeview Park with its stand-up paddleboard rentals or rent kayaks from Barons Boathouse. You could even go on a riverboat tour at Belle Isle Cruises! Or spend some time with history at Alabama Theatre where you can catch a live performance by one of their talented actors. If you want something more active than just walking around town then head over to Railroad Park where there are always loads of people having picnics, playing volleyball and Frisbee golf (just make sure not to leave any trash lying around!).

Wedding Bus Rental

Wedding buses are a great way to get your wedding guests to the venue and back. Not only do they provide transportation, but they can be decorated in the theme of your wedding or event. Wedding buses can also be used for other events such as proms or class trips.

Business Travel Across All Distances

Bus rental is a great option for business travel across all distances. With the growing popularity of bus rentals, you can easily find one in Birmingham Alabama to use on your next business trip. Bus rental is cost effective and environmentally friendly, making it an appealing choice for many companies looking to save money while keeping their carbon footprint low. Additionally, buses are flexible and can accommodate groups of different sizes depending on your needs, making them perfect for large or small groups alike.

How Much Do Birmingham, Alabama Charter Bus Rentals Cost?

We have a wide variety of charter bus rental pricing options, so it’s best to get in touch with us directly. We’ll give you a quote based on your specific needs and will do our best to accommodate any special requests. Charter bus rental prices vary by type: school buses tend to be cheaper than regular coaches, but they’re also less comfortable and don’t have as many amenities. On the other hand, luxury coaches are pricier, but they offer more comfort and amenities (such as WiFi) than regular coaches do. Charter bus rental prices vary by length: longer rentals tend to be more expensive than shorter ones because they require more time for planning purposes (e.g., scheduling stops). Charter bus rental prices vary by distance travelled: longer distances are obviously more costly than shorter ones since there are more miles involved—not only does this factor into the final price tag of a trip but it also affects other elements such as fuel consumption and wear-and-tear on vehicle parts over time which can affect future maintenance costs as well!

Rent A Mini Bus

Rent a mini bus and make your night out in Birmingham a memorable one. You’ll be able to enjoy the city’s scenic views in style, without having to worry about finding parking or driving after a few drinks. You can rent a limo for any occasion – whether it’s for a party, wedding or corporate event! We have many different vehicles available to suit all budgets and requirements. Whether you need transportation for 5 people or 50 people we have something that will fit your needs perfectly. Whether you want an elegant Mercedes Benz S Class car or maybe something more fun like our pink Hummer Limo then we have something that will be perfect for your special day!

Helpful Bus Rental Resources

Birmingham charters has made it easy to find all the information you need about renting a bus in Birmingham Alabama. This website contains everything from helpful tips for choosing the right bus for your event, to reviews and ratings of different companies. We want you to know exactly what you can expect when you rent a bus through us!