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Group Transportation Services in Birmingham Alabama

By on May 18, 2016

You’ve heard the old expression, “The more the merrier.” Well, that’s especially true when it comes to planning your next party in Birmingham. The big question is: how are you going to get all of your friends there? When you want to plan an unforgettable night out on the town, one of the best ways to do it is by renting a bus or limo from Party Bus Birmingham. We have everything you need for transportation services: beautiful vehicles and professional drivers who will get everyone where they need to be safely and on time.

Birmingham Party Bus Rental

Get ready to party like rock stars with your friends and family with our luxurious Birmingham party buses. Whether you are looking to have a great time celebrating a birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, wedding, prom, or bar crawling our party buses in Birmingham will have all your transportation needs covered. Our professional and dependable chauffeur service will make sure you arrive to your destination safely and on time. Our Birmingham party bus service is the perfect solution for all your group transportation needs. Rent from the most popular party buses in Birmingham!

Birmingham Limousines & Minibuses

bachelor party bus rental birmingham alGet ready to party like rock stars with your friends and family with our luxurious Birmingham party buses. Whether you are looking to have a great time celebrating a birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, wedding, prom, or bar crawling our party buses in Birmingham will have all your transportation needs covered. Our professional and dependable chauffeur service will make sure you arrive to your destination safely and on time. Our Birmingham party bus service is the perfect solution for all your group transportation needs. Rent from the most popular party buses in Birmingham!

Birmingham Sedan Service

Our Birmingham sedan service can take you to and from the Airport or to any destination you desire. Birmingham sedan service will provide you with a comfortable, safe, and reliable ride to your destination no matter where you want to go. We can be your designated driver for an evening as you travel to some of the hottest clubs in Downtown Birmingham. We are a full service Birmingham sedan company with a large selection of Town Cars.

Birmingham to Airport Shuttle Service

Need Birmingham shuttle service ? You can count on Birmingham Shuttle for dependable on time shuttle service. Our Birmingham Shuttle will take care of all your travel needs. Enjoy our comfortable door to door transportation throughout Birmingham in the newest and cleanest shuttle buses in Birmingham. Contact us today for all your Birmingham transportation needs.

Number of Guests

Party Vehicle

Hourly Rates

Party Bus 12 to 28 $80-$300
Large Limo 9 to 12 $80-$300
Small Limo 6 to 8 $45-$70
Luxury 3 to 4 $80-$300

What is a Party Bus?

You have a couple options when thinking about a party bus, you can get a Party Bus or a Limo. Both types of vehicles are great options as they can seat from (10 people) to large groups (40-50 people). The party bus is very much like a limo, the driver becomes your own personal chauffeur. There is an array of different types of cars to suit your different taste and the mood for your overall event. Pick and choose whatever style, color and feel you want for your car and have a fun time with your friends and loved ones.

We See You Through Every Party Bus Trip

We know how important your trip is to you. That’s why we are here to help you plan it, and we are here for you throughout the whole process. We want to make sure that every step of the way, from booking your party bus rental all the way through getting on board, is as easy and stress free as possible. We see you through every trip!

Custom-Designed Limousines for the Client’s Needs

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate event, or simply want to make your next birthday bash something to remember, we can help. We work with our customers to create the perfect vehicle for their event. We offer custom-designed limousines for the client’s needs and can help you choose the right vehicle for your needs. In addition to our fleet of vehicles, we also provide additional services such as bar service (or other alcohol), ice delivery, music systems and more!

Charter Bus Transportation Is One Thing You Can Rely On

When you are looking for charter bus transportation, you can count on Party Bus Birmingham to provide a safe and comfortable ride for your group. We have been providing charter bus services for years, so we know what it takes to make sure that your trip is as smooth as possible. Our fully equipped charter buses come with everything from video games to refreshments, and every one of our drivers is trained in safety standards and procedures. Our experience goes beyond just providing luxurious rides; we also offer transportation planning services that will help you plan out each leg of your journey in advance. This allows you to get off the road and into your destination quickly without wasting any time or energy worrying about driving details like where to park or how long it will take to get there at rush hour traffic times.

Event Transportation Services

Events can include concerts, sporting events, weddings, bachelorette parties and quinceaneras. They can also be birthday parties and family reunions. We provide you with the transportation that fit your needs for these events. Our party buses are perfect for group transportation for any occasion.

Concert Transportation

Our services include transportation to and from the concert, hotel, venue and after party. We have a variety of vehicles to accommodate your group. Our limos are perfect for private parties or we can provide our Party Buses if you would like something a little more fun!

Homecoming & Prom Limos

A limousine is a luxury vehicle that seats 6-10 passengers, while a party bus can accommodate up to 40 people. The differences between the two are minimal when it comes to transportation, but they do offer different amenities and experiences. Party buses have state of the art sound systems, LED lighting, and televisions built into their back walls. They also usually have ice chests built into their cup holders so that you can keep your beverages cold while traveling in style! On the other hand, limousines are driven by professional chauffeurs who know everything there is to know about Birmingham’s best restaurants, bars, museums and tourist attractions (depending on where you’re headed). These drivers will also provide recommendations for local shopping areas so that you don’t miss out on any great deals on clothes or souvenirs during your trip!

City, Site, & Brew Tours

We provide transportation to breweries, wineries and distilleries. The tours are available in Birmingham Alabama and the surrounding areas. Our city tours include: City Sightseeing Tour (BHAM) – This tour is perfect for those who want a quick overview of the major sites in downtown Birmingham, AL. While the tour isn’t guided you’ll be able to visit some of our favorite places including Vulcan Park & Museum, Railroad Park, Regions Field Stadium & Boutwell Auditorium; all of which offer great photo opportunities! UAB Campus Tour – If you’re interested in learning about University Of Alabama at Birmingham’s campus then this tour is for you! You’ll get an inside look at UAB’s history as well as what makes it such a special place today with stops at various buildings on campus that offer great views of downtown B’ham! We will also stop by The Avondale Brewery where we can enjoy some local beer before returning back to your hotel/residence or event destination

Campus Shuttle Bus Rental

If you need a shuttle bus rental, Party Bus Birmingham can help. We offer campus shuttle bus rentals to the University of Alabama, Auburn University, UAB and Samford University. Our shuttle buses are perfect for transporting large groups of students and staff from class to class or sporting events. Call us today for more information about our campus shuttle bus rental options!

Sporting Event & Tailgating Transportation

We have a variety of buses to accommodate any group size, so you can enjoy the best options for your group transportation needs. Whether you’re headed out for an event or tailgating, Party Bus Birmingham has some incredible options available. You can take advantage of our luxury buses with flat screen TVs, premium sound system and Wi-Fi for streaming music or watching movies on the go. Or if you prefer something more fun and interactive we have party buses that have built in bars and dance floors! We also offer shuttle bus services which are perfect if you need to get from Point A to Point B without having a designated driver but still want some entertainment along the way! If all this sounds like it won’t fit into your budget then don’t worry – we also provide motor coach style transportations as well!

Bachelorette & Bachelorette Parties

Planning the perfect bachelorette party will involve plenty of planning, but it doesn’t have to be difficult! You should start by asking your friends for help with planning the event and set up guest lists. The next step is deciding where you want to go out and how much money you want spend on food and drinks; this will depend on how many people are coming with you, as well as whether or not there are children involved in any capacity (if not then maybe no alcohol would be better). Then comes choosing an activity for everyone (or just yourself) at least one hour before departure time so that everyone knows what kind activities are available when arriving at their destination location(s). Last but not least: selecting appropriate attire based on weather conditions forecasted throughout each day leading up until event date itself so that no one gets hot while waiting around too long outside during summer heat waves!

Quinceanera & Sweet 16 Limos

A quinceañera is the celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday in Latin American cultures. This celebration usually takes place over a few days and includes events such as a traditional Mexican breakfast, a formal ceremony where the family honors the young woman’s transition into adulthood, and an elegant dinner party with friends and relatives to mark this special occasion. A sweet sixteen is similar to a quinceañera in that it celebrates a girl reaching her sixteenth birthday; however, unlike its Latin counterpart, this event often involves less fanfare due to its age group. While there are no set rules for what you can do for your sweet sixteen or quinceañera limousine rental service; however some common ideas include hiring professional photographers or videographers for photos at various locations (such as Birmingham Botanical Gardens), going out on the town with friends from school or church groups while enjoying discounts at local restaurants/shops/nightclubs by presenting coupons provided by Party Bus Birmingham before heading home after dark so everyone has plenty of time before curfew!

Wedding Shuttle Services

Wedding shuttles are great for transporting guests from one location to another. These bus services can be used for receptions, bridal showers and bachelor parties as well. If you have a group that needs transportation from the ceremony to the reception or even from one venue to another, then our wedding shuttle buses are perfect! We offer luxury vehicles like limousines and party buses in Birmingham Alabama so you get the best experience possible.

Sports Team Transportation

You are a sports team and you’re looking for transportation to your next game. Maybe it’s a game in Birmingham, maybe it’s a game across town or maybe it’s even a road trip away. If you need help planning your team’s transportation we can help! We can provide you with a charter bus rental or limousine service that will meet the needs of your team members, coaches and staff. Our goal at Party Bus Birmingham is to provide quality services for all of our clients no matter what their specific needs may be. We believe in delivering excellent customer service from start to finish and making sure that each customer has an enjoyable experience through working with us on their transportation needs!

Corporate Travel Services

We provide corporate travel services to our clients. We understand that each business has a specific set of needs, so we work with you to develop a service that fits those needs perfectly. Our team will work with you to ensure that your employees are comfortable and safe on their journeys from point A to point B.

Employee Shuttle Services

Employees are the backbone of any business. Without them, your company would have no one to carry out its day-to-day functions and complete the tasks necessary to make it run smoothly. To ensure that your employees are able to get where they need to be at their scheduled times, you should consider using employee shuttle services in Birmingham Alabama for company transportation needs. Employee shuttle services provide businesses with an easy way for their employees to get from point A (home) to point B (work).

Convention Shuttle Bus Rental

If you are looking for convention shuttle bus rental services, then look no further than Party Bus Birmingham. We offer one of the most comprehensive convention shuttle bus rental options on the market today, with a wide range of benefits and features to choose from. Whether it’s an event at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex (BJCC), or another location in Alabama or elsewhere in America, we can provide you with a variety of different convention shuttle buses that suit your needs perfectly. Our extensive fleet includes mini buses, mid size buses and large luxury motor coaches which provide high capacity seating as well as multiple restroom facilities so that all passengers will be comfortable throughout their trip. We also have non-smoking vehicles available for those who prefer this option to smoking vehicles – just let us know when making reservations so we can accommodate your preferences!

Hospital Shuttles

Party Bus Birmingham also provides shuttle services to hospitals and to patients, families, doctors, nurses and anyone else in need of transportation. We are experienced with shuttling people back and forth from hospitals because we understand that it can be stressful trying to get around while you’re sick or injured. We understand the importance of getting you where you need to go safely and on time, so we make sure our drivers know all the best routes through heavy traffic at all times of day or night. If you would like some assistance with planning your next trip or trip request please call Party Bus Birmingham for more information about any of our services or rates today!

College Intercampus Shuttles

If you are a student or employee at the University of Alabama, Auburn University, Samford University, Tuskegee University and other schools in Birmingham Alabama area and need transportation services to and from your school then Party Bus Birmingham is your best option. We provide shuttle bus services to and from colleges for student groups, school trips, school field trips and college reunions.

Convention Shuttle Services

Convention shuttle services are for people who need to get to and from a convention center. If you’re attending a convention in Birmingham, Alabama, and you want to use our transportation services to get there, we can provide you with the best service possible.

Airport Transportation

Whether you’re looking to travel by plane or a rental car, our one-way airport shuttle service is the most affordable way to get from the Birmingham Airport back to your hotel. With our large fleet of vehicles and drivers who are licensed professionals, we can assure that your ride home will be stress-free and worry-free. Our airport shuttles are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so no matter what time of night or day you arrive at Birmingham Airport, we’ll be there right on time with all the amenities needed for both comfort and convenience. One thing that sets us apart from other transportation services is that we treat each trip as if it were our first time using them ourselves—with such care for every detail along with being punctual about meeting up with different groups throughout town.

Wedding Transportation

For you and your guests, we have a wide array of wedding transportation options. Our wedding limos come in all shapes and sizes, from the classic black Lincoln Town Car to the more extravagant white stretch limo. We also offer shuttle buses that seat 15 people comfortably and provide them with an on-board TV, DVD player and surround sound system. For larger groups or those wanting to add a little bit of glamour to their special day, our party buses will be sure to impress! And don’t forget about our beautiful pink Hummer Limo for those who want something truly special for their big day!