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Huntsville, AL Charter Bus Rentals

By on November 24, 2017

Huntsville Charters is the premier bus rental company in Huntsville Alabama. We offer great rates and a wide selection of vehicles to choose from. We have fully-equipped charter buses, 48 passenger buses, mini coaches and more. Our fleet has something for everyone!

Renting Huntsville Charter Buses

If you’re in Alabama and you’re looking for a charter bus in Huntsville, no need to search further. We have a fleet of late-model charter buses that can work with any group travel plans. Going to the various athletic events downtown? Going on an educational trip to Space Camp with a limited budget? Take your pick from one of the widest range of affordable charter bus rentals in Huntsville starting from school buses, minibuses and shuttle buses, to deluxe buses and motor coaches.

Are you in need of a charter bus? If so, then it is time to consider what your options are and how to book one. The first step is finding a reliable company that has buses available for the date and time of your event. Talking to Huntsville Charters is the best way to go about this process, as they have been providing transportation services and have extensive knowledge of their industry. They can help you find a suitable bus for any occasion or budget!

20 Passenger Shuttle Bus

30 Passenger Mini Bus

40 Passenger Charter Bus

50 Passenger Charter Bus

Huntsville Charter Buses and Minibuses for Rent Near Me

Whether you need to charter a bus for an airport transfer or something for long distance journeys, we have just the right bus charter for your group transport specifications. We provide 30, 40, and 50-seater charter buses ready for any event or occasion.

We have 30-passenger minibuses and shuttle buses ideal for short trips including shuttling employees to and from work or school kids to camp grounds ups and drop-offs. Amenities for this type of charters include a TV and DVD setup, spacious legroom and headroom, PA system, and several other optional features.

For longer trips and larger groups of people, we always recommend our deluxe bus charters and motor coaches that can accommodate up to 50 people. Passengers can enjoy the spacious legroom, Wi-Fi access, flat screen TV, washroom and other useful amenities such as a kitchenette and high-end entertainment system. We also have charter buses in Hoover, AL available for rent for all kinds of occasions.

Special Events Bus Rentals

  1. Airport Transportation – Charter a minibus for affordable airport transfers, pickups and drop-offs to and from Huntsville International Airport.
  2. Stadium – Sit back and relax while we bring you to the numerous stadiums located in Huntsville.
  3. Concerts – Private individuals and entertainment companies alike have hired us to take them to various concert venues in Huntsville, including the Von Braun Center.
  4. Corporate Transportation – We’ve shuttled company VIPs and important clients for numerous businesses in Huntsville.
  5. Downtown – Visit museums, conventions and tradeshows aboard our economical charter buses.

Huntsville Charter Bus Rental Rates

Quality service need not be costly. We offer budget-friendly bus charter rental prices at special packages and promotional discounts. Moreover, our rates are based on four important variables such as the particular charter bus selected and how long it is used, total number of passengers, and the destination.

Contact our expert customer care specialists to find out more about rental prices or get quick price quote more by filling out the online form today. You can also hire a charter bus rental in Madison, AL to use for large group transportation.

Things to Do with Charter Bus Huntsville

  • Von Braun Center – This huge center houses an arena, convention center, playhouse and concert hall.
  • Con*Stellation – This well-known annual sci-fi convention is held every October.
  • US Space Camp – The camp offers science and space oriented programs to adults and children alike.

Charter a Bus

Chartering a bus is the preferred method of transportation for most large groups. The reason being that it allows you to travel at your own convenience and pick up passengers from different locations. Chartering also gives you the freedom to travel during off-peak hours, thereby avoiding rush hour traffic when traveling by car or public transport. As with all travel arrangements there are some things you should know about chartering buses in Huntsville Alabama: You can rent any size bus from any location in Alabama with Huntsville Charters! Our mission is to ensure that every trip is safe, comfortable and memorable!

Learn About Charter Buses

Charter bus rental is a great way to travel. Charter buses are a great way to travel in comfort and style. Charter buses are a great way for groups to travel together and have fun on the road. Charter buses are also an economical option for traveling groups and organizations with large groups of people, as well as for families who want to enjoy luxurious transportation at an affordable price!

Calculate Rates

You can calculate the total cost of your bus rental in Huntsville Alabama by multiplying the base rate by the number of passengers on board. The base rate for a bus rental will vary depending on several factors, such as the size and type of bus you need and how many people will be riding in it. Some companies may also include additional services, like an extra driver or luggage allowance. Here’s an example: If you are planning to rent a motorcoach with 3 rows of seats and 14 total passenger seats (including driver), here’s how to calculate how much it will cost.

Traveling Far?

Have you ever been on a bus that didn’t make it to your destination? We have, and boy was it a nightmare! Even worse than the road trip itself was the fact that we didn’t even get close to our destination. It was like being in limbo, not knowing if we were going to make it or not. But with Huntsville Charters buses, there’s no need for worry of this sort. Our buses can get you anywhere—and we do mean anywhere! No matter how many people are on board or how far away your destination is from where you started out—our bus will take care of everything and get you where you need to go safely and comfortably. There are some things life just won’t let us control: What happens when I travel from coast-to-coast? How long will my kids be at home before they move out? Will I ever find love again after my divorce? All these questions come up when planning trips across country (or even state lines). But one thing that’s always under our control is whether or not we’ll reach our final destination by bus—and with Huntsville Charters services, there’s no question about this one!

Comfortable Game Day Charter Bus Rentals

When you’re in charge of planning the transportation for your group’s football game day, it should be a time to relax and enjoy the festivities. Our charter buses provide a perfect way for you to have fun while looking after everyone in your group. Whether it’s the first event of the year or they’ve been playing all summer long, everyone looks forward to game day as an opportunity to celebrate. Our bus rentals allow you and your friends or family members to cheer on their favorite team while traveling comfortably together. It’s also important that everyone arrive on time so that they can get good seats at the stadium! We’ll do everything we can do ensure that no one has any trouble getting there quickly and safely.

Not Sure if a Bus Is Right for You?

These vehicles are not just for large groups. They can be used for many different types of events and occasions. Bus rentals are cost effective. The price to rent one is usually much less than that of other transportation options such as limousines or party buses. They are also flexible enough to accommodate both small groups or large crowds with ease! If a smaller crowd comes along unexpectedly call us up and we will be able to accommodate them without an issue! We have buses available ranging from 15-40 passengers which can meet even the most demanding needs!

How We Can Help With Travel

We can help from coast to coast or from coast to coast to coast, or even from coast to coast to west, if that’s what you need. Our buses are perfect for any type of trip, no matter how long or short it may be. We have many different types of vehicles available for rent; buses range in size from 15 seats all the way up to 45 seats. We also have vans and limousines (16 – 25 seats) available as well as an assortment of luxury coaches that range in size from 26 – 56 seats! No matter what kind of vehicle you choose—whether it be a school bus or one of our fancy coaches—you’ll always receive great customer service along with your rental car.

Motorcoach Services From Limo Service Huntsville

Limo Service Huntsville is the premier bus rental company in Huntsville Alabama. We have been in business for over and have a fleet of over 200 buses that are available for chartering. We offer luxury motorcoach services from Limo Service Huntsville to all the top destinations around the world. If you need transportation for your group, we can help you find a way to get there comfortably with our large fleet of motor coaches, mini buses, limousine buses and party buses.

Need Ongoing Shuttles for Your Group, Business, or Event?

For groups that don’t want to deal with coordinating shuttles for every meeting or event, Huntsville Charters offers ongoing shuttle services. This option is perfect for business groups and school groups who travel together on a regular basis. If you’re looking for an easy way to make traveling from your home or office to events easier, consider getting an ongoing shuttle service from Huntsville Charters!

You’re in Good Company

Huntsville Charters has earned a reputation for providing excellent service to our customers. We have been in business for years, which means we’ve worked with clients from all over Huntsville and the surrounding areas. We work hard each day to make sure that your experience with us is as smooth, convenient and stress-free as possible. We pride ourselves on being reliable and affordable so that you can spend less time worrying about transportation arrangements and more time enjoying yourself! We are friendly, professional and flexible when it comes to planning your trip or event with us…and our buses come ready to roll out of the gate!

Huntsville Charters is the premier bus rental company in Huntsville Alabama

Huntsville Charters is the premier bus rental company in Huntsville Alabama. We have been in business for years and have a fleet of over 300 buses that can accommodate groups ranging from just 10 to over 200 passengers. When you book with us, you can rest assured knowing that every detail has been taken care of ahead of time so there are no surprises when it comes time for your trip! You’ll receive an email confirmation within 24 hours after booking, along with information about our policies, procedures and contact details should anything come up during your trip away from home or work.

Why do we think you should rent a charter bus from us? Well, for one thing, we’re the premier bus rental company in Huntsville Alabama. We’re proud of our reputation and want to make sure that you get the best service possible. That’s why we work hard to provide reliable buses with professional drivers who know their way around this beautiful city. Whether you need transportation for your group or event, or just want an affordable way to explore our amazing state, Huntsville Charters has what it takes to make your trip an unforgettable experience!