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Birthday Party Bus Birmingham AL

By on June 7, 2016

Birthday parties are always a great time to celebrate, but they can be even better when you have a fun bus or limo to take your friends on the ride of their life. At our company, we make sure that every detail is perfect for your special event. We have an amazing fleet of buses and limos that will make anyone feel like royalty. We also offer party buses Birmingham Alabama at prices you won’t believe!

Party bus Rental Birmingham

birthday party bus rentalIf you are in Alabama, you might want to visit the scenic and prosperous region of Birmingham. This region has several attractions to offer. If you are in town to celebrate someone’s birthday, we can help you make it special. We have several party buses that would be the perfect way to celebrate someone’s birthday.

Whether it is a kids party bus or a grown adult, we have varying amenities and models for you to choose from. The rates being reasonable, it is surely a unique way to plan birthday celebrations for someone special.

Our Party Buses Company

The birthday party buses that our service offers are suited for these very occasions. From video to audio entertainment systems, singalong karaokes, lounge like seating, mood lighting and more, these buses will not leave you wanting more. You could also get food and beverages served at an additional fee. We also have special package deals that include all amenities for a birthday party on board with certain number of members. As a result, all you need to do is specify the distance or places in town you wish to cover as well as time or duration of your party on board to get a quote from us.

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Birthday party bus & limo service Birmingham prices

Do not worry about the costs of birthday party buses from our rental service. We ensure that we provide competitive rates and the best ones in the region. Hence, with cheap and affordable deals, your birthday celebrations will surely be a reality. If you are wondering what kind of costs you would incur, that would depend on the amenities you are looking for. The seating capacity of the buses also varies and that would determine the costs as well. The duration of your tour or ride as well as distance to be covered will impact the rental rate as well.

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Things to do

There are several places to check out and explore when you are at Birmingham. Opt for one of our rental party buses to check out the following key attractions:

  • Birmingham zoo; this is a great place to visit for families.
  • Ruffner nature mountain preserve; check out this hilly terrain for diverse and beautiful greenery and trekking routes.
  • Museum of flight; it is a specialty museum in this region, dedicated to space programs and plane models.
  • Sloss furnaces; ever visited a haunted house or seen a performance there? Check out this venue for such unique experiences.
  • Barber motor sports park; check out this park for motorcars and races that are held here.

Our transportation services

We have a wide range of transportation arrangements that can help you travel in and around Birmingham with relative ease. We have rental limos that can be hired by corporates as well as limo coaches for airport pickup and drop. The premier party bus coaches can be opted as group rides around town as well as when you wish to travel to other states or regions of Alabama. We also have the best prom party bus rentals around!

Why Choose Party Bus Birmingham Alabama?

Party Bus Birmingham Alabama is the perfect choice for your birthday party. With our safe and fun environment, we have many different bus options to choose from. We also have affordable pricing and a great selection of birthday locations for you to choose from. We proudly offer a variety of party bus rentals that will make your next birthday extra special!

Perfect Transportation Solutions On You Special Night

Perfect Transportation Solutions On You Special Night We at Perfect Transportation Solutions are here to provide you with the best birthday transportation solutions. Our goal is to make your party experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible, which means making sure you get where you need to be safely and on time. Whether it’s a night out on the town or an evening dedicated to celebrating with family and friends, our limos are ready for whatever event you’ve got planned! We pride ourselves on being able to provide clients with the most efficient transportation options available in Birmingham Alabama. This includes everything from one-way transfers between locations, group transfers from airports or hotels, charter bus rentals for large groups going out together or planning other events like weddings and corporate events (we can also help plan these!), luxury limousine rentals for smaller groups looking for something more intimate—we’ve got it all covered when it comes down to getting people around safely!

Affordable Pricing on Rentals

The cost of transportation for a group is something that can’t be overlooked. In fact, it is one of the most important aspects that needs to be considered when planning a party or event. Some people might think that hiring buses and limos are too much money, but here at Birmingham Limo Service we understand how important it is not just for you to get from point A to B but also enjoy your trip as well if not more so than the destination itself. We offer several different pricing options depending on how many people will be on board with us and what type of vehicle you need us to provide. Our prices are very competitive in comparison with other companies in this industry, which means you can rest assured that when you book with us you will not only get quality service but also an affordable price tag!

Travel To The Fun Spots in Birmingham Alabama

Birmingham has many fun spots for a birthday party. Some of the best places to go for a birthday party in Birmingham are: Birmingham Zoo – The zoo is great for any age and has something exciting to do at any time of the day! Railroad Park – This park offers something fun and different every time you visit, whether it be an exhibit from one of their many talented artists or live music from some local talent. Regions Field – Home of the Barons baseball team, this stadium offers up all kinds of entertainment including food stands and fireworks nights!

What Are Birthday Party Buses?

Birthday Party Buses are a great way to travel in style. They can accommodate groups of all sizes, and for those out on the town with their friends or family, a bus is a great option. These vehicles can get you safely to your destination while also providing an experience that is more memorable than riding in a sedan or SUV. If you’re planning a birthday party or other event and need transportation for your guests, chances are that having them all ride together will allow them to have more fun at the event itself. Plus, this will save time since everyone won’t have to be picked up from home before heading over there together.

Which Bus Rental Is Right For My Group?

When you’re planning a big event, you want everything to go smoothly. But you don’t need to worry about that with Birmingham Party Bus and Limo Rentals. We have everything taken care of for you. All you have to do is make sure that your group is ready for the party bus! How? Here are some tips: Choose the right size bus for your group. If it’s just two people getting together, then renting an SUV might be enough. If more than ten people will be joining in on the fun, then it’s time for a party bus! We have luxury buses available up to 45 passengers at any given time so there’s no need for worry here either way! Choose which type of vehicle works best with what kind of activities (or lack thereof) planned ahead while also remembering where they’re going—will there be designated driver duties involved? Will everyone fit comfortably inside? Is there room enough outside their destination so nobody feels claustrophobic while waiting around or stuck inside during unexpected delays due to traffic jams or other unforeseen circumstances like bad weather conditions such as rainstorms/snowfalls/etcetera…

Our Fleet of Limousines and Party Buses

We have a large fleet of vehicles. We have a variety of sizes, colors, and styles to choose from. Whether you are looking for an exotic limousine or classic party bus we have what you need. Here are some examples: The Stretch Hummer Limo – This is our largest vehicle (23 ft) and will hold up to 17 passengers comfortably. It comes with leather interior and features plenty of leg room in the back seat area as well as wet bar area with refrigerator & ice maker! This luxurious ride is perfect for any night out on the town or special occasion celebration! The Party Bus – Perfect for those wanting something smaller in size but still want all the amenities from our larger vehicles! Our party buses can hold up to 14 passengers comfortably! They come with TVs mounted inside each headrest so everyone can enjoy their favorite shows while riding around town!

Our company is the best in business and we always provide excellent birthday transportation services for a great experience. We have the best vehicles, are the best at what we do, and offer our clients the best value for their money.